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Orogenius by J.M. Deny

First day, where you will be hurled thousands of years back in time .

A cool and revigorating wind clear the clouds away, the air becoms clear and luminous.
A man, almost nude, stops for a while to taste the astonishing sensation of his deccuplating visual accuity. He screened the complexity further afield and contemplated with pleasure the wide moor of ferns and flowered heather. It unfolds from his feet up to the glacier that shines over there, the other side of the valley, to the levant. He feels in a flash the fleeting impression, but obvious, to be as the genie of this mountain, his origin. His nature being too pragmatic to be moved by such enlightement, he carries on his climb shaken by a big outburst of laughter.
He soon stops to satisfy a urgent natural need and loses himself in thought with no object on finality, automaticly concentrating on this liberating activity. He hears only at the last minute a stone falling from ahigh, rolling and bouncing down the slope . Bursting the silence covering up the echoes by its own crashing noise, repercuting here and there an ultimate warning....
He only has time to jump, projected on the side by an instinctive reflex, an enormous stone, move by an unpredictable clinamen 2, just crushed th e product of his defecation, and swept aside a whole life of carefree certainty. The sudden awareness of his vulnerability plunges him into an unknown disarray. Below the mute immensity of the plain sends him back to his distress....
Without delay he finds himself a shelter to guarantee him against the stones of all sizes that are now falling in abundance from the height of the cliff. The night is agitated; shivers and outbreaks of distress mingle with the tremors of the earth shaken by long infuriating spasms....

Second day, where you are going to turn livid...
It wasn’t yet daylight, a clowd of pungent and dense smoke swells to the horizon. It’s blackness and opacity barely mantains the twilight of the countryside; instead of the glaciers that yesterday seemed incrusted with diamonds, spreads a sea of mud, ruptured by vile red slugs surmounted by a cone of vomiting fire. He starts to bolt, chased by his screams of terror.

1.From grecque oros, mountains, and from latin, genius titular divinity do not confuse with “orogenie” from the same grecque, and genos generation. That indicates the science interest into the mountain’s birth.
2. Do not confuse with cyclamen; look up epicure.

Eleventh day ; if the story bores you, then go back to your geology handbook.

After nine days and night of a never interupted run, he reaches a fertile plaine where he fells in security.
Behind him, he left an unqualified battle field. The deth marow of the depths had hurled it’s viscous tongues to the surface. Some sufocated under the weight of the crust without reaching throught, cristalised before congealing itself. Others more needy found the out door and finished it’s consolidation, raising sometimes in colonnades, similar to organs. In the suroundings, confronted clinals, synclinals and anticlinals in battles where the issu would althoigh be with no suprise. Claye would become schiste, the schist would become crislaline, the sandstone would transforme itselfin quartzites, the limestone in marble and cipolin...
But he’s exausted and is expecting much more from Morpheus than all those metamorphism. He falls asleep his head on a travertine...

Fourteenth day, where you will be suprised that a skull of 1300 cm3 can contain such inteligence.

An urgent need (again!) pulls him out of his three day and night sleep. If this unknown country is causing him some legetimat aprehensions,he can at least, releave himself with no risk of taking a stone on his head.But this poor head is taken over by a spiral of haunted thoughts that turns on themselfs for already fourteen days. Fortunately, the profusion of all sortes of game animals and the mildness of the climat contribut to put order back in his thoughts definatly too confused. Evidences sees at last the day.
He solemnly and methodicly confines his conclusions in his personal diary, taking care to lay down a doble into two huge cairns spaced out a thousand steps apart.
1/ A dead mammoth is cold and inert. A mammoth alive is warm and animated. Conclusion: stones and mountains, as they move and spit out fire, are alive; A life is within secreatly contained, therefor lived in. Quod erat demonstrandum.
2/ The one who lives in the stone’s hart, if he can make the mountains move, has powers that i do not know of. But i took myself for a orogeni3; he punished me of this arryance and let himself roll on me, hiden in a cobblestone.
3/ As this cobblestone landed in my defecation, i must present my apologies to the inhabitant of the stones and mountains hart; to the look of his grandeur i must not be worth more than my excrements. And this cobblestone designated me with no doubts to be the elected of it’s mysterious habitant; that makes two reasons to go and look for him, must i dedicate him my life.
But behind this solemnity of the practical spirit tone, often hides a sensitive soul, brought to the most profound considerations paleophical metaphisics. In fact, above all there are questions that he’s burning to ask to whome he’s now the disciple and in which he will breake through the mistery. Is he superior to all things, to all bloded4 behings ? Does he obei to laws5?

3.Refer to the first day.
4.The word God did not exist then.
5.Fore knoledge of questions, that much later will keep busy a certain Leibniz.

Already consumed by impatience, and falling to his knees, feverish, to the impalpable creature that lives in the roc:
O from our hapiness, you luxuriant emblem!
Your appearance, only, would satisfy me.
I will even find you in a “porphire”6 place.
On these good words, he leaves with no delay to the task, nevertheless conscious of all its difficulty. This quest demand to breake many stones and mountains to discover what eatch of them contains, before finding the jewel that hides the mysterious hoste, so hoped.

nth day, where you will see the reliefs coming to level...

Here’s almost four thousand years that he’s relentlessly ramsaking the surface of the earth to the quest of the rocks secret, minerals, up hills and down dales. He chasses the chalcedony up to Turky*; the zinc pyrites (zns), that although has seen many more, does not know respite; he scoures the phonolite, smashes the “trachytes”, uncaves the millstones, defoliates the shales, and uncristalise the “kersantite”. He breaks up the gypsum iron spear (SO4Ca.2H2O), without noticing that ther was there an idea to dig into, unconglomerating the conglomerates, unorganise the basalt and sets aside a bad ending for the avanturine, making him regreat hisimmoderated taste for freedome. Chines of mountains are cut up in pieces untill it becomes gravel, the gravel is reduced into fine gravel, the fine gravel into sand7.
He’ s working day and night with a strength and conviction that simple spirits confer as a destiny of exeption. if he made his the motto do what must, will become what must, is to the service of the stone’s spirit that fills his thoughts. If he gives himself a few moments of respite, it’s to give him grace. If he tries to picture his face, he can only imagine him otherwise than marvelous and imaterial. Deep down, what does he knows of himself, if it isn’t his strength ? The resulting impatience of this account, puts him back eatch time to work with more eagerness; he will go on to the end of this quest, one day he will be the faithfull subject to the habitnt of the stone’s hart. he must be found quickly! He can not stand it! Sometimes in his exaltation, he attacks a new mountain forgeting to treat some thousands of blocs issued from the previous unmountaining8. These neglects will they stop him from reaching his mad plan ?

*. In the original text calcédoine rimed with Macédoine.

6. These incantations would have, so they say, inspired a XIX th century poet, closely involved to the Symbolist movement.
7. The origine of many deserts is explained in that way.
8. These blocs were recovered much later for the pyramides constructions, some dolmens and other odds and ends.


Centuries whent by...
one day he started on an old puy that hapened to be hollow. He was suprised to discover in a nested rock, that nested himself, to the russian dolls maner, ninety nine elements of decreassing hights; the stone that formed eatch of them was always purer and more precius. He hunderstode that he came to his reserche end. Tears poured out from his bodie used up by efforts. His dried hands were shivering. But it’s with a lot of kindness that he soon touched the aim of his existance, the very last element of this fabulous lithical stacking : A black diamond ovoidly shaped from which again had to be forceseed the mystery. Broken by emotion and fever, he lowered on the ground where he staid prostrated for long hours : He couldn’t find the courage to comit the ultimate destructive gesture, the one that would bring him the revelation. In despare of knoledge of the fact, he tried, almost in a maner of escuse :
Gentle stone mystery are you here ? Can you hear me, reveal yourself ! You can not refuse to show yourself to the one that so longer hoped ! I am your humble desciple.
Against all expectations, the bloc of diamond opened up, than closed up on him, he came out long after, appeased and radiant. In the hart of the pure carbone’s naos, an intense light made him unsteady. Then he saw. Two chips of marble were erected in their splender, lovingly brushing one another; on the base where they rested beared a tag stamped : François Weil, 1st stone sculpture 19849.
Now that he knew, inlighted by the inexpressible revelation, he could die soundingly. They made him a beautifull monument with sweaties10, a height for him that had never meet a young girl.

J.M Deny

9. Never will you see this mythical art work : the author secretely gards it in a safe !
10. Syenite minacee. Minettes in french.

Monsters'Demonstration by Jean-Louis Roux

Usually sculpture consists in rough-hewing raw material, to set a chaotic mass to rights, smoothen what was originally rough.

What is disconcerting in François Weil’s works, is their denial of all traditions of statuary, such as shaping and polishing. They cross by straining stone and steel, graft metal on mineral, balance on the irresolute conflict between gravity and weightlessness.

He doesn’t attempt to sublime material, he believes the sublime lies in material itself.

The artist uses another know-how, one must have sound knowledge in physics to risk such minor miracles of balance. You can feel the tension raised by his sculptures, the defied gravity of blocks of rock held in suspension by frail steel arms.

Their intimidating dimensions and an orbit, sometimes hewed in the rock, to lodge a nut, makes them cyclopean. François Weil believes in myths, he thinks works of art are their universal medium.

Extract from « la démonstration des monstres » de Jean Louis Roux
Grenoble, 8 may 2006